Project Name



Last summer I interned at AccessAR, an augmented reality company in Toronto. They specialize in developing AR solutions for multiple industries such as fashion and marketing. During my time there, the company was going through a change and wanted to redesign their identity to be more friendly, bright and ‘anti-tech industry’. The team and I were tasked in developing a new brand identity that encompasses core company values and relates to AR functionality. I also took the liberty to develop illustrations for products and promotional material.


Creative Director

Joscelyn Sevier, Chrissy Gow, Michelle Gow, Kiana Shavalier


April - May 2018


Branding Designer & Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator


Reimagining the Reticle


The reticle is an icon symbol of AR technology, it's used to direct the software and as a result, properly projects an element such as a 3D model in a screen. We wanted to reimagine this symbol by intersecting the lines together; softened the points to reinforce a friendly perspective. The colours used symbolized company values: Playfulness (yellow), Accessibility (green), Transparency (blue) and Consideration (red); the company is ambitious and bold so the logo needed to reflect the internal culture of AccessAR.

Retical Reimagined.png



AccessAR had one launch product and two conceptual products: weAR, visAR and scanAR respectively. Using the reticle motif, I designed different variations of these products. 

product icons.png


For promotional and for their website, I was inspired by their spirited nature and developed a series of illustrations to visually communicate their products, services and the company. AccessAR is ‘tiny, but mighty’, though the team is small, they strive to create powerful products that pushes industries forward. By minimizing the amount of colours used, each illustration is distinctive in their style but cohesive to the overall brand.