Collaboration, diversity, and research drives the future of modern design.


I’m in my final year at York/Sheridan Design. During the summer (2018) I interned at AccessAR, an augmented reality tech startup. I designed and reimagined their brand and launch product: weAR. I learned a lot about the functionality of design within AR tech and the nature of tight deadlines in a small company. Most importantly, I realized that the consumer needs are the forefront of any product and in order to produce a wholistic design; understanding the pain-points of a consumer’s needs is essential.

I constantly experiment with different styles, colours and interactions; I strive to create charming and bright designs that communicate my fascination of the human experience with brands, products and innate curiosities. Design isn’t my only passion, I draw, play/moderate video games, relearning traditional Jamaican cuisines and finding new brunch spots whenever I’m not working on design projects. 


I’m currently looking for product and visual design opportunities upon my Graduation in April 2019. I’m interested in bridging consumer interest and products together to suit the needs of a growing, socially conscious society.

Interested in working together? I’d love to have a conversation with you!